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When other methods aren’t working for you, or you need a bit of additional help coping with anxiety, stress, or depression, medication for anxiety is available. Prozac, on of the most widely prescribed medications used in the treatment of stress and anxiety related disorders. While Prozac is not a stress cure, it will help with stress management and anxiety. There are some who believe that stress and anxiety are simple decisions and you are able to simply chose to be less stressed, or chose to not be anxious. There are many ways to relieve stress and mental anxiety, but there are also very good reasons for turning to medications such as Prozac for anxiety. Chemical imbalances in the brains chemistry can often be a causative factor in anxiety and depression. Using medications such as Prozac to balance out that chemical imbalance is a sensible alternative.

Using Prozac For Anxiety Control
Regardless of what you are trying to treat with Prozac, be it relieving stress, anxiety attacks or depression, it will usually take about a month to two months for your body to benefit from the medication. Even though it can be hard to wait that long, if you continue to take Prozac for anxiety at the same time every day without fail, you will usually notice significant results after several weeks.

One important warning that your doctor will surely tell you about is the risks of not taking the medicine suddenly. If you decide you do not want to take Prozac for anxiety any longer, you will have to slowly scale back your dosage until you are completely off the medication. Stopping cold turkey can cause significant problems for your body.

Usually one of the only uses for Prozac for anxiety disorders is for those who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Generally, obsessive compulsive disorder occurs when the mind lingers over certain ideas or thoughts that would be a fleeting thought for most people. This can include an obsession with cleanliness and washing your hands constantly; this usually stems from an obsession with germs, getting dirty or constantly thinking you will become ill from germs.

Additional Anxiety Relieving Treatments
Prozac for anxiety in this case is usually used along side behavioral therapy, which is designed to change the mental perception of certain ideas. Retraining yourself to think about these every day occurrences as normal, and not harmful, can take a while, but is, however, and effect stress management technique. Most patients respond very well to behavioral therapy, and if needed, your doctor will prescribe Prozac for anxiety while you are in therapy.

Prozac for anxiety is not an over the counter medication, and will have to be prescribed by your doctor. Consulting with your doctor about your condition can help you regain control of your life and have a better quality of life overall. Prozac for anxiety is not a magic cure all, but it can be a legitimate option when trying to overcome certain anxiety disorders.

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